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Our Programs: STARS (Students Together Achieving Results)

STARS is an after-school program for students (Grades 3-5) from Theodore Judah Elementary and Blanche Sprentz Elementary schools. Through STARS, struggling students receive both academic help and loving encouragement to keep learning.

In addition to help with homework and a healthy snack, kids enjoy recreational activity, exposure to the arts, and a fun, welcoming environment where they can form friendships. STARS also offers a safe, loving place for kids to be between 3-6PM, a time when many of them would otherwise be home alone.

As part of STARS, students from Folsom High School and Folsom's Lake college provide peer tutoring and literacy support for middle and elementary school students.

If you'd like to learn more about tutoring opportunities, contact Salwa Kasabian. We'd love to match you with the right opportunity!

A Volunteer's Perspective

I am a “homework helper” in the STARS program. The students are so much fun! Each student is so different — it’s an amazing challenge figuring out the best way to help each child. The homework questions are so different from what I remember from when I was a child — sometimes I feel like I’m learning as much as my students!

-- Joan M., STARS Tutor